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Saturday, January 29, 2005


When I was having a squabble with a friend about the pros and cons of globalization, he asked me how I would feel if any of my much loved little Amman-y cafés went out of business due to the lure of the newly-opened, international Starbucks.


Although I do love their coffee, sheesh, I'd die if I had to go to the much overcrowded and impersonal Starbucks every time I felt like having coffee(which is often, mind you). After all, the beauty of Amman lies in the dormancy, the inimitability, and in Nescafé. It lies in the countless hours parked outside Cups & Kgs, numerous 30 uroosh spent on Nescafé machines, and many an espressos drank in Lavazza.

Lavazza(or Salam Kanaan's Gallery Duinde)- a lovely little art-gallery-turned-café, tucked away safely in Jabal Amman so no one has ever heard of it(thus its always empty and perfect for talking). I had to share these pictures:

Lovely, right? It's cosy, artsy, with mismatched couches and cheap coffee. They also usually put very weird music that you can't help but get bouncy to...

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