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Monday, January 31, 2005

Amman Yesterday

As much as I love Amman, I have to admit this; Amman is a very sleepy city. Unless it's the summer when Amman is crowded with late-nighter Gulfians, we're a city that goes early to bed, so there isn't much to do after the sun sets.
Yet, in a country where the median age is 22.2, there's a good amount of lively folks looking for something to do while the rest of Amman slumbers, so they resort to the many cafes, restaurants, clubs, and bars. And thus, they remain indoors and out of sight, undisturbing to the senior population and to the school-goers.
So last night, after about 30 minutes of cruising around trying to think of an interesting place to go to, we ended up in Abdoun(like 70% of the times we cruise around trying to think of an interesting place to go to).
But wow… what a pleasant surprise we had! A good amount of the lively folks had decided that no more lying dormant, for last night they had a reason to celebrate.
So on were the Jordanian flags, loud was the honking, and "Jeishana jeish il watan, sameina bismallah!" was permanently booming out of cars.

Here are some photographs my friend Sara managed to capture among the chaos:

Notice the flags sticking out of cars windows(my car had a flag too)

It was sooo crowded! The line of cars seemed endless.

Finally, when we were done enjoying the chaos, we decided to go have brownies with icecream at Planet Holywood, doesn't it look yummy?

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