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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Business Card Final

Ok, so the "Business Card Project" is dead and burried.

I'm glad to say that not only did I end up with an A(I'm a nerd), I also got the highest average. I decided to share because some of you were really nice and helped, and because I promised Sami to show him 2 weeks ago but forgot all about it.

The right colors are on the front, the back is actually the same color in real life but it looks different here cause I didn't use flash. Of course, it's also straight, it looks like this because again, I didn't balance my camera. Oh, well. You guys can deal.

Front of Business Card:

Back of Business Card:

Ok, and here's the concept and how I worked out everything if anyone is interested(or bored enough) in reading:

Identity Name and Slogan: The name, which is "Box", goes hand in hand with the slogan, "Think Outside".

Idea Concept:

"Think Outside the Box"

Thinking outside the box means thinking beyond the limitations of human consciousness and familiarity; to see past the standard. It's a phrase that signifies creativity and resourcefulness, which is why I coined my identity name from it.
A box is also a very important shape in the world of arts and design. Rooms are boxes, websites are boxes one way or another and the shape box is used in almost all fields of art and design.

Design Concept:
My concept when it comes to the idea lays in a comparison between ordinariness and uniqueness. The elements I used in the card are contrasting:

1) The logo, the square logo at the side of the card, represents rigidity. It also symbolizes the word box, and signifies the physical world. The circle at the other side represents a creative idea that is outside the box. It corresponds to unity, wholeness, and infinity. Thus, it is the driving force of the physical world (the box).
2) The logo is static. It doesn’t change and stays at the same place at all times. The circle and the repetitive "ThinkOutside" slogan are dynamic. They move around the card according to mood and feel.


1) The logo not only reads box, but it also looks very boxy, so that it serves as a pictorial, symbolic, and typographic logo at the same time. In the second design, the hollowed out slogan allows you to literally see outside the box.
2) Recurring "Think Outside" bordering the logo, to emphasize importance of slogan.
3) The logo contains sharp lines in order to signify the sharpness and keen of mind.
4) Colors: I chose red because of the phrase "Red carpet treatment" (make someone feel special, treat them as if they are a celebrity). Red also suggests confidence and power, hence the red power tie for business people and the red carpet for celebrities and VIPs.
Furthermore, red grabs attention and makes people take action.
Pink was added to calm down the effects of red.
5) If an imaginary line was drawn down the center of the logo, it would run down the golden section.
6) In the second design, the logo would still read box if it was flipped.

I was trying to be deep :P

Infamous Monsters of Filmland

You decide: who is REALLY scary? Face it: the so-called "Famous Monsters of Filmland" may have scared us as children, but they were mostly misunderstood creatures who weren't malicious or intentionally monstrous. Now, however, we are forced to confront real-life monsters who will truly make it difficult to get to sleep.
Check out the amazing comparisions at http://korlapundit.blogspot.com/2004/10/infamous-monsters-of-filmland.html

Haloween Monsters

This is me, my three brothers, and friend on Haloween a long, long, long time ago. I cracked up when I saw it a few days ago and I had to share.
Darn, I can still see all the candy we gathered that day...

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Saturday, October 30, 2004

A Bibliophiles Bedroom

Building With Books began in 2004 in MIT, and is currently on display at the Boston Public Library in Defferrari Hall. I love it. It's such a cool idea, and the way they put things together is even cooler. My favorite is the bed.

Room Overview


Rocking Chair

Bedside Table



Umbrella Stand

Check out the other cool stuff and bigger pictures here.

Fear, I'm crippled

It's all over the news, NASA picked May 2005 for launch date, the first launch since the Columbia tragedy two years ago.
Scary. I'm glad I'm not the boss at NASA. I wouldn't have even considered relaunching after a tragedy like Columbia for at least 10 years. I'm too cautious.
This makes me think of how fear and evolvement go hand in hand. If the NASA people don't relaunch, we won't evolve.
So does my fear cripple my life and evolvement? I think it does. I'm too much of a perfectionist, always afraid of screwing something in my perfectly planned out life. Everything in my life has to be perfect or I'll get depressed. I need to be literally pushed into taking a step sometimes, and that only happens after calculations, re-calculations and schemes drawn up in my mind. I'm really much too afraid of failure and rejection.
Once again, I'm glad I don't work for NASA.

The New Crowd

I thought this picture was pretty cool. Check out the rest of the pictures at bsimple.com.

Today's Garbage

"Not quite as hot as that original iMac someone tossed out, but it’s amazing what turns up on the sidewalk here in New York."

[Via Engadget]

The New Uses of The Internet

Haitham was telling me about this so I decided to research it and check it out:

"Internet users are doing far fewer searches for sex and pornography and more for e-commerce and business than they were seven years ago, University of Pittsburgh and Penn State researchers say in a new book. "Twenty percent of all searching was sex-related back in 1997; now it's about 5 percent," said Amanda Spink, the University of Pittsburgh professor who co-authored Web Search: Public Searching of the Web with Penn State professor Bernard J. Jansen. "It's a little bit more in Europe, 8 to 10 percent, but in comparison to everything else, it's a very small percent," Spink said. "People are using (the web) more as an everyday tool rather than as just an entertainment medium." What hasn't changed much in seven years is how hard people are willing to work at searching. The answer: not very. Spink and Jansen found that people averaged about two words per query and two queries per search session."

[Via Agenda Inc.]

Very good! I see that people are finally starting to see the useful side of things.

AraBlog ReBlogger

I'm very pleased that Haitham has decided to select me as the first guest reBlogger at AraBlog. Haitham, I really hope I'll be able to enrich AraBlog like you hope, and I'm sure I will enjoy it immensely!

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Friday, October 29, 2004

Book Cover Design

Our first project for the year was done last week, I submitted the "Business Card Project" last Sunday. I think my business card turned out alright, but I would have done a better job if I had more time. I'll post pictures later.
Our next project is book cover design, which should be more interesting than business cards especially with my obsession with books. I had a really hard time choosing the book(I had too many ideas, including Ameen Malouf's Samarkand, and Anne Rice's Pandora. In the end, I settled for a very ugly design book by Judith Miller called Color.

The reason I chose it is because I'm amazed at the fact that a lady who is trying to teach people how to use colors in their designs uses such disgusting colors in her book cover. It's too bright for one thing and the main colors are more suitable for a childrens picture book. The photographs displayed also contrast in an extreme way with the background color and the typography. Unbelievable.
Hehe, damn it, she's trying to teach people how to use color!!!
There are a lot of amazing book covers around, and I've had several posts about that. One of my favorites is Memoirs of a Geisha's cover(also one of my favorite books, its a must-read).

Beautiful right? It's a work of art.
If anyone knows any amazing or horrifying book covers, please do share, because we're expected to do case studies and all.

Cellphones And They're Uses

Here is a survey portraying the top three functions used most frequently on a portable device.

[Source: Jupiter Research/Ipsos-Insight Consumer Survey]

Hm, I most definitely use text messaging the most, then voice, then games. I barely
ever use the camera feature, listen to music, or use the internet. How about you guys?

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Power of All of Us

eBay has started a new marketing campaign that's truly inspirational. The campaign is called "The Power Of All Of Us," and the commercial entitled "Belief" left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. The commercial has scenes of human decency that would usually go unnoticed. A $10 bill left for a cup of coffee, a woman picking up trash on the street, people pushing a car stuck in snow, pictures of recycling bins full to the brim, the plastic penny plates you see at most convenience stores, and so on ...

You can watch the spot at www.thepowerofallofus.com

Let me know what you think.

[Via Ameen's Musings]

Take Ameen's word, it really is inspirational. My favorite part was with the adopted Asians family picture, and when the wind blew that business man's papers and people started helping. The "I hit your car" part cracked me up :)
Thanks for sharing, Ameen.


It's raining! First rain of the season :) It smells so good :)

Soap Cancellation Not Threat Related — Jordan TV

(JT) — Jordan TV denied claims yesterday that the cancellation of the drama series “The Road to Kabul” came after an Islamist threat, saying the decision was taken upon request from the producer. “After we had received eight episodes, the producer, Qatar TV, announced their reservations concerning broadcasting the series,” Abdul Halim Arabiyat, director of television, told The Jordan Times.
“The decision to air the series is the right of the producer and we have no choice but to abide by their decision,” he added.
Jordan TV was scheduled to begin showing the series at the start of Ramadan, but on Thursday — the day the threats were made — officials said the programme might be postponed due to “technical difficulties.”
Source: [The Jordan Times]

[Via Newswire]

I hate how ambiguous news is. I just never know who to believe.

Clickety Click

"The ClickSneaks were conceived in the most pedestrian manner. Walking down a cobblestone street, wearing a comfortable pair of sneakers next to a friend wearing a stunning pair of high heels. The sound of the heels echoed through the night, each step producing a rich aural environment; what if the comfortable sneakers could partake in this world of poignant allusions?

Part fantasy, part irony, the ClickSneaks subvert both the traditional attributes of a pair of shoes, and expose the multi-layered relationship we have with our clothes and accessories.

For the ClickSneaks the sound of the inspirational high heels has been recorded, only to be activated on each step the revamped sneakers take. Surface mount technology makes it possible to fit the necessary components in the sneakers: the original “click” sound is recorded on a voice chip, while a speaker, amplifier and a sensor acting as a “switch” on the sole of each foot, transform these seemingly normal sneakers into a flighty performance."

Studi 5050


Portrait-Murals Made From Dominoes

Check out the other really cool designs at DominoArtWork.com

Cloud For Lights

"Somebody over at Mosleymeetswilcox has a way with arts and crafts. They put some polystyrene balls together with some PETG plastic (nope, no idea what that is) and made "a seductive, lightweight material" that they then turned into the Nimbus."

[Via Fun Furde]

F The President

Here's a high-quality vinyl sticker, spoof of "that ridiculous GW sticker/campaign that you've seen on most Lexus SUVs".

[Via AraBlog]

Table Street Art

And while we're still talking about designer products and Else Wares, here's another really funky item at Else Wares:

Product info: Serve up hors d'oeuvres in style with one of these trays made from a U.S. street sign. Carefully finished and sealed by hand. No two exactly alike.

Product Info: Guests go wild for these funky coasters made from salvaged American street signs.

Product Info: "This artful platter makes a great centerpiece or hangs nicely on the wall. Carefully finished and sealed by hand. No two exactly alike."

Love the idea!

Mutant Vase

This aluminum vase from Else Wares is encased within a galvanized steel coil, so the outside can be reshaped to your heart's content. What I love most about it though is that it reminds me of slinkies, which I used to love as a child.
Hm, how come I don't see slinkies around any more?
Children these days suck.


Mosley Meets Wilcox is one of the most creative design shops I've ever seen. Here are some of my favorite designs:

War Bowl Series

Honesty Stamp

Ghost Table

Check out the rest of their very cool designs at www.mosleymeetswilcox.com .

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Jordanian/Palestinian Culture Item

I was walking around the other day when I came upon this. Gorgeous right? I'm completely obsessed with our cultures embroidery, called "tat-reez", although I have no idea how to do it. It's just so meticulously done and the colors are so amazing that I get transfixed by the absolute simplicity that creates such a work of art.
Tat-reez dresses are the most beautiful.
This is a leather notebook, and only for 3 JDs(a bit more than 4 dollars.) Bargain!

Why Should Ears Have All The Fun?

This is the hottest news today as yet:

" A delight for the ears. A feast for the eyes. Though it’s no bigger than a pack of playing cards and weighs in at just over 6 ounces, iPod Photo delivers a one-two sensory punch. Letting you carry an entire library of your favorite music — up to 15,000 songs — or enough photos — as many as 25,000 — to fill nearly 200 slide trays or cover nearly 5,000 square feet of wall space. Got a really big den?"

We love you Apple.

Fortune Clothing

"All of Twice Shy's T-shirts have a random fortune sewn into the sleeve and many of the designs have subtle political messages (or not so subtle). The biggest statement they make, however, is with the fabric they've chosen to use...." (Read the rest of the article here)
[Via Cool Hunting]

Cool idea. I really love the whole fortune cookie aspect when it's used in something other than a fortune cookie. It makes every single item unique in its own way. I just realized last week that Kit-Kat bars have random fortunes on them as well. My brother claims that it's been like that for a long long time, but I'm not sure I buy that.


Check out the American Package Museum, a cool photographic website that has some really old packaging. I am So glad they invented graphic design! The worst part about the site is that they don't have dates.
My favorite package is Canada Dry Wink. Pretty nice for something so old.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

U.S. of Internationalia Elections

Here's a portion of a very interesting post on Haitham's blog(read the rest here):

"An interesting website, BetaVote tabulates straw votes for Bush and Kerry from around the world. Though unscientific, and distorted in its U.S. section by Bush unlovers, it provides a good sample of world thinking about the election...
...Among 240 countries and 419,128 global respondents, Kerry leads Bush by 88% to 11%. Here is a snap shot of the results in some of the Arab countries:

Morocco John Kerry leads by 87%
Syrian Arab Republic John Kerry leads by 79%
Egypt John Kerry leads by 77%
Sudan John Kerry leads by 75%
Oman John Kerry leads by 65%
Somalia John Kerry leads by 65%
United Arab Emirates John Kerry leads by 55%
Qatar John Kerry leads by 53%
Tunisia John Kerry leads by 53%
Jordan John Kerry leads by 51%
Saudi Arabia John Kerry leads by 49%
Bahrain John Kerry leads by 45%
Algeria John Kerry leads by 41%
Yemen John Kerry leads by 31%
Lebanon John Kerry leads by 27%
Palestinian John Kerry leads by 23%
Kuwait John Kerry leads by 17%

Oddly, Bush and Kerry are tied, in Libya, Iraq and Mauritania. They are tied also in other countries like, North Korea, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Cocos (keeling) Islands, Comoros, Congo, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Montserrat, Myanmar, Turkmenistan, and Niue, wherever that is...."

[Via Sabbah's Blog]
Read the rest of the article here.

Everyone must read the rest of the article because it's really very interesting. Haitham, like usual, I love your insights.

Starbucks Blog

Look at what Natasha found:

"For all the Starbucks lovers out there (Roba, can you hear me?), I found a really cool blog by the name of Starbucks Gossip. The site keeps the reader updated with Starbucks latest news and is open for comments and discussion.
Take a look. It is quite amusing. "

Thanks for sharing Natasha :)

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Monday, October 25, 2004

The Best Product Designs Of The Year 2004

I'm a bit late for this, but here are some of my favorite IDEA Award winners anyway(check out the rest here):



NOKIA 7600



More Cool Book Cover Designs

"Theft" stealing "Identity"'s shadow. I love their concept! This cover portrays identity theft so perfectly.


[Via MacMinute]

Mobile's Camera Sees Through Clothing

A new mobile phone gadget has raised fears it will be a perverts' dream. The £100 add-on will turn camera phones into X-ray specs which can see through clothes, according to Scotland's Daily Record. The same article also says that although it was originally designed for taking pictures at night, it has quickly been exploited by voyeurs.
Every woman's nightmare.

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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Road To Kabul

Hm, I just read that MBC has stopped airing "The Road To Kabul". I guess that means that Orbit is the only one left airing. Weird.


Hehe, my dear friend Ole was nice enough to share this picture.
Check out the whole picture here. Now, as Ole says, the mystery remains... Why is the lady's lower body blurred?

Finally, if you read Arabic,read this article, and tell me if its worth reading :P I'm not in the mood to read Arabic :)


Check this belt out!
It makes me want to drink it...
Look at the rest of the cool products atBeckycity, or a cool selection of them at TreeHugger.

The Msa7arati

Every night during Jordan's Ramadan at around 2:30 AM, I wake up feeling like a giant is about to step on me, thanks to the "Boom! Boom! Boom!" of the msa7arati's set of drums. It's irritating of course, for several reasons. I wake up panicked for one thing, and it takes me a while to figure out that I am not about to be squished. It also takes me a couple of hours to be able to go back to sleep, and I still have to wake up at 7 every day.
Yet, my irritation does not equal my fascination with the mystifying "msa7arati". Every night after his booming wakes me up, I scuttle out of bed, scramble for my glasses, and dash to the window, only to find that booming has already drifted away, taking the "msa7arati" with it. I run to another window, but his booming is also trailing off. It's almost as if he moves around in a paranormal device that is much too fast for sleepy feet.
And so, this hide-and-seek game between me and the "msa7arati" has been going on since last years Ramadan.
Until last night. Last night, I scuttled out of bed fast enough, scrambled for my glasses swiftly, and dashed to the window in a flash.
I finally got a glimpse of the "msa7arati".
Unfortunately, he looks nothing like what I imagined him to look. Here's a quick sketch of what my over-active Disney-run imagination thought he would look like (never mind my drawing, I want to go nap to make up the lost sleep):

In reality, the "msa7arati" looks exactly the opposite :) He's very tiny; it's almost as if his set of drums is carrying him. He also wasn’t wearing a fez, and he was wearing khakis and a shirt.
Well… at least I got the drums part right :)
For those of you who grew up in Jordan, my fascination with the "msa7arati" will seem silly. To me though, this is a part of a culture I didn’t grow up in, but that I was told about by my parents and cousins.

I love our culture.

2005 Protein Calendar

"It's actually not too soon to be thinking about your 2005 calendar. Protein, the collective responsible for super creative media distribution, has released 500 wall calendars based on Lunar Chromo. What's that? It has something to do with how color tells your body what time it is. In this case, the colors correspond to phases of the moon. Regardless of whether that does anything for you, it sure is beautiful to look at."

[Via Cool Hunting]

Arabs For Israel?

I just found a site called "Arabs For Israel".
Sickening. I do not and will not believe that it written and maintained by Arabs though, because hopefully, no Arab will have the lack of dignity to do such a thing.

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Free World!

[Via Blog]

Don't ask what's up with politics these past few days, but I couldn't help posting these. I'm not into caricatures, but these are so expressive.

Blood and Gold

I'm a complete sucker for reading, I literally read any book that comes to hand. So I can't believe I still haven't mentioned books!

I just finished re-reading(for the 10ths time) Anne Rice's "Blood and Gold". Excellent book. It's so rich in history, culture, and of course, beautiful writing. Did anyone ever try reading an Anne Rice?
Her insights are very interesting as well. She's a very religious Catholic, and she tends to attack and dismantle her own beliefs in her books. She does extremely interesting(indirect) comparative studies of religions since the pagan times like Gods of the Grove, Isis, and all the Roman and Greek deities.
She uses vampires to explore the centuries, and her research is always so thorough its almost freaky(she has 2 Palestinian characters who's names are actually derived from 2 ancient Palestinian families that are deeply related.)
"Blood and Gold" is almost my favorite book(can't decide between it and "The Vampire Armand"), mostly because it's from the point of view of my favorite vampire, the wise 2,000-year-old Roman-born Marius (I'm also always attracted to smart people).
So if you don't mind some blood, do read this book. Trust me, her books have nothing to do with her movies.

Here's the back flap:

"Once a proud Senator in Imperial Rome, Marius is kidnapped and forced into that dark realm of blood, where he is made a protector of the Queen and King of the vampires–in whom the core of the supernatural race resides. Through his eyes we see the fall of pagan Rome to the Emperor Constantine, the horrific sack of the Eternal City at the hands of the Visigoths, and the vile aftermath of the Black Death. Ultimately restored by the beauty of the Renaissance, Marius becomes a painter, living dangerously yet happily among mortals, and giving his heart to the great master Botticelli, to the bewitching courtesan Bianca, and to the mysterious young apprentice Armand. But it is in the present day, deep in the jungle, when Marius will meet his fate seeking justice from the oldest vampires in the world. . . . "

Ahhh :) You should see why I love it! So rich! Now, I want to read it again.

EU Bans "Air" Technology

"We thought there might be something fishy about Nike’s PR-driven environmental stance. Though the company is making an effort to recycle shoes and use organic cotton, it appears some of its design aspects remain less than desirable. The European Union is currently making an effort to ban all shoes made with “air” technology (not just Nike’s, to be fair). Apparently, the air used to fill them, called F-gases, are a big-time contributor to the potential of global warming, in some cases, more than 24,000 times more potent than carbon dioxide."

[Via Tree Hugger]