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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Jordanian Comedy?

I was watching a talent show on MBC, called Star Search, and I was deeply impressed by this young Jordanian, Randa Karadsheh. Her acting is excellent, she's really funny, and her plots are deep, tackling problems faced in the Arab world. Her confidence also makes her very charming. It's really not common to see Jordanian youth perform so splendidly on stage.
The first time I saw her was a few months back on Star Search, and she had a small comical skit on Jordanian traditions. I saw her again a couple of weeks ago on the same program, and her comical skit was about the different requirements different Arab cultures request in a woman who wants to work. Today, her skit was about the Arab notion of marriage.
In Jordan, and in the Arab world in general, comedy is more lame than funny. Our actors usually also offer more dramatic facial expressions than real acting.
I strongly encourage female participation in such fields, especially by talented girls. Cheers to Randa.

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